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The Moovers
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Agility Van Lines Inc
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Moving Dudes LLC
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A1A Movers
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Direct Relocation Services
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United Movers of America
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Hood Moving & Relocation
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City Moving
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Countrywide Van Lines
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Colonial Van Lines
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United Transportation Moving & Storage
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GM Van Lines Inc
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Best American Movers
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Iron Tree Movers
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Long Distance Moving & Storage Inc
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Augusta, Georgia

Augusta, Georgia is located on the Savannah River and on the Georgia/South Carolina state border. It is approximately 150 miles from Atlanta, Georgia, the state’s capital. Augusta is the second largest city in Georgia and it was the second to be established in the state after Savannah. Along with Savannah, Augusta played a key role during Colonial times for the earliest English settlers. Augusta is known as “The Garden City of The South,” those moving to Augusta will discover many beautiful gardens. Augusta summers are hot and humid, which is also the time when many people relocate to the area; while the winters are typically very mild.

In 1982, a corporation called Augusta Tomorrow was established to aid in city growth. The company is privately held but works with the city to determine ways to create new developments within the city and reinvent areas that are in need of a face lift. The major areas of concentration have been downtown Augusta, Riverwalk and the Augusta Common--a city park. Augusta’s unemployment rate is currently below that of the rest of the state; however the city’s economy is on the rise with the majority of opportunities in the areas of retail and the government sectors. With more opportunities on the rise, Augusta moving companies are ready to assist you with your interstate or intrastate move.

The first week in April something magical happens in Augusta – The Masters Tournament. It is known as one of the “four major championships in professional golf.” It is unique because it is the only one that is played at the same course every single year – the gorgeous Augusta National Golf Course. Aside from receiving a significant cash reward in excess of $1 million, the winner is also adorned with the coveted green jacket. The jacket is given to him during a special ceremony that takes place inside the club house. A small number of tickets are available for sale to the practice round days, but if you are looking to purchase tickets to one of the four tournament days – you are out of luck. As of 1972, all of the Masters Badges have been spoken for! The waiting list has only opened up twice since that time.

The Masters is steeped in history and tradition. Though attendance records are not shared, it is estimated that there are at least 35,000 daily spectators, bringing in millions of dollars in revenue to the city each year. The first Masters tournament was held on March 22, 1934. It was started by Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts. In 1940, the schedule was changed so that the final round would always be played on the second Sunday in April. Many aspects of the tournament have never changed. For example, in the age of technology, the scoreboards are still manually operated by volunteers – this is a very coveted job. The competitors have always played just 18 holes on each of the four days. Time has also stood still at the concession stands: a sandwich will only set you back $2.50 at most and a beer only costs $2.00.


Interesting Facts:

  • From 1785 to 1795, Augusta was the capital of Georgia.
  • Amy Grant, Laurence Fishburne, Hulk Hogan and Larry Mize were all born in Augusta.
  • Augusta has both a minor league baseball team and an arena football team.

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