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Lux Moving and Storage Inc.
Savannah GA moving quotes, Lux Moving and Storage is proud to service West Palm Beach and its surrounding cities. With over 25 years of combined experie...

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Colonial Van Lines
When you hire a long-distance moving company, you want to rest assured that the team you’ve chosen has the skills and convictions you need to trust...

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All American Movers & Storage, Inc.
Movers Savannah Georgia, We know Moving can be one of the most exhausting and stressful experiences individuals and families will ever face. Here at A...

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Move On Relocation
Not all moving companies are created equal, not even close. Most moving companies you come across have standards about as high as their ankles. Their...

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One Shot Move
Moving companies Savannah GA, We understand that you have more to worry about than the physical move. Let a reputable moving company like One Shot Mo...

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Moving Dudes LLC
Moving can be difficult, but we have years of experience making it as fast, friendly, and stress-free as possible. Whether you are moving across the...

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Coleman American Companies - Savannah
Savannah GA moving companies, We are the residential movers who strive to make your relocation experience simplified - regardless of whether you are ...

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Hood Moving & Relocation
Savannah Georgia movers, At "A Moving Around" we understand the importance of moving not just furniture but the family as well. This major decision must...

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Zip Moving & Storage
Whether you are moving to the city or country, the trained staff of our company will carry out moves efficiently and professionally. Many cross...

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All American Van Lines LLC
Moving company Savannah, All American Van Lines we insist on the highest level of service and quality, we accommodate your needs 100 percent of the t...

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United Movers of America
Savannah Georgia long distance moving, Today our relocation company has extended to provide interstate and local services across the United States. Ev...

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GM Van Lines Inc
As a family-owned business, GM Van Lines is proud of the services we offer to our clients, and we look forward to providing you with a positive...

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United Transportation Moving & Storage
Interstate movement of household goods and personal possessions takes the coordinated effort of professional team. United Transportation Moving and...

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Solomon and Sons Relocation Service Inc
Savannah moving companies, Providing one of a kind moving experience that focuses on the sole satisfaction of its customers. A moving company with hu...

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Preferred Movers LLC
Savannah GA moving quotes, You can put your trust in Preferred Movers to handle your move quickly and safely. A few pieces or a mansion-full of furn...

Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia is not a city shy of visitors or compliments. Out Magazine included Savannah on its “Top 10 Trips to Reboot Your Life” list, Conde Nast Traveler considers it one of the “Top 10 American Travel Destinations” and Travel + Leisure Magazine believes its America’s “Best Romantic Getaway.” The romance of Savannah can be found on a trolley ride through the area’s characteristic Spanish Moss and on cobblestone streets. On a more chilly night, dine by candlelight in one of the fancy neighborhood restaurants, and afterwards, take a romantic sunset cruise along the Savannah River. Savannah was also built by and for adventurers where explorers will discover an island called Little Tybee Island where you can kayak all over through salt marshes filled with sea life. There is also plenty of greenery, woods and wildlife, as well as approximately 22 public squares to see. Savannah also presents itself with a certain lure; partly due to the year-round outdoor activities available to its residents and visitors. In addition to the tourist attractions, there are also many job opportunities and great neighborhoods to raise a family. It’s no wonder so many people are moving to Savannah.

Savannah is a city where dreams can come true. In this business and innovation-friendly region, there have been successes throughout history. It all started in colonial Georgia with the invention of the cotton gin and the fertile coastal regions that got Chatham County off to a good start. Savannah has had a bustling economy due to the development of globally important industries, as well as its numerous local companies. JCB Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers of heavy construction and agricultural equipment that is assists with the Savannah economy. Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation is also an effective and valuable company in the region. One of the area’s top employers includes the two major hospital systems that provide thousands of jobs to the large Savannah population. Other 500 Companies that provides jobs and inject profits into the region include Coca-Cola, Comcast, Dole Foods, Dollar General, Lowe’s, Pepsi Bowling and Target. With all of these job opportunities, it’s easy to see why Savannah moving companies are so busy.

As hip and liberal as the city of Savannah, Georgia is today, the city also has an interesting history to explore. The city was settled by General James Oglethorpe – approximately three centuries ago – with a big band of English colonists. Today, you can still visit the historic landmark of the Forsyth Fountain in Forsyth Park, named after Georgia Governor John Forsyth in the 1840s. There is also the Owens-Thomas House, one of the oldest places of residence in Savannah along with the Mercer House — made well-known novel “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.” There is a lot of history built in Savannah since its discovery in 1733. Since then, it has been hit with the yellow fever epidemic, the Civil War and Reconstruction. The many sites and first-hand experiences lure visitors and long-distance movers to the old, yet modern city of Savannah, Georgia.

Recently, Savannah, Georgia has caught the attention of foodies across the counrty. There are award-winning restaurants in every neighborhood and Savannah, Georgia is known to have produced celebrity chefs such as Paula Deen. There are casual crab shacks to world renowned steakhouses. Due to the city’s close proximity to salt marshes and creeks, there are various shellfish and sea life to dine on. Other than munching on Southern snacks, such as Moon Pies and deep fried pickles, there are also numerous activities to partake in.

For one, Savannah is a festival city. Throughout the year, there are tons of festivals to check out. During the summer months, there are Fourth of July celebrations, the Savannah Craft Brew Fest and the famous Savannah Jazz Festival. Jazz has been a part of Savannah culture since the early 1980s. The Coastal Jazz Association spurted from a Jazz Appreciation class at Savannah State University. Since then about 27 festivals have been held annually in the name of the genre of music.


Interesting Facts:

  • Savannah, Georgia is called the “Southern Belle of the Georgian Coast” because of its enchanting and romantic traits.
  • Girls Scouts founder Juliette Gordon Low started the Girl Scouts Association in her hometown of Savannah, Georgia.
  • Savannah, Georgia was the state’s first city and has remained one of the favorites amongst intrastate and interstate visitors.

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