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Self Service Moving – The Best Way for Your Next Move?
Often labeled "U-pack, They’ll Drive" (or just as often, 'You Pack'), self-service moving is an increasingly popular alternative to full service moving companies. Although you're responsible for more of the work -- loading the truck and unloading it -- you can enjoy big savings over the cost of a full service moving company. works with some of the nation's leading companies that are ready to provide you with fast and free moving quotes for self-service moving.
Self-Service Moves: Two Kinds You Can Make
  1. A moving truck driven by a professional comes to your home or apartment, you load it up with your stuff, the professional driver drives it to your new home (or your current home), and you unload it.

  2. A mobile storage container is left at your home for you to load. When you're done, the mobile storage company picks it up and delivers it to your new home, or stores it until you need it later.