Moving with Pets Guide: Keeping Your Pets Happy in the Car

By Road - In a Motor Vehicle

If you own a pet, there’s a good chance he or she has been in the car with you. However, it is important to remember that there is a big difference between short and long trips with a pet. Your pet may behave differently on a long trip in unfamiliar territory.

If you are planning a long trip, then you should not give your pet food or water in the couple of hours before departure. You may decide to put your pet in a cage during the road trip. Be sure your pet is able to stand and turn around with ease and make sure there is adequate ventilation. The bottom of the crate should be padded with newspaper or other absorbent material. Try adding a favorite toy on moving day to give your pet a sense of security.

During the road trip you should feed your pet only once a day. Remember to exercise your pet regularly and always use a leash. This is strange territory to your pet and it can easily become lost if it wanders off.

Regardless of what you see on TV and in movies, do not let your pet hang its head out the window while the vehicle is in motion. This will result in sore eyes, ears and throat, or worse. Never allow your window to be down so much that your pet could jump out.

Never leave a pet in a hot car during the summer time or in a cold car in the winter. If you absolutely have to on a hot day, park in the shade. Make sure to lock the car doors and crack the windows open for cross-ventilation. Check on your pet regularly. If the day is extremely hot, it is best not to leave your pet in the car at all.

Follow our guidelines and put your pet’s health first. Your pet will thank you and will most likely be a pleasant travel companion.