Moving with Pets Guide: Can I See Some I.D. Please?

ID Tags

There is a higher chance of your pet running away during the confusion of moving. When you travel it is always important to equip your pet with some sort of identifiable ID tag. If you are flying, the airline may provide special travel tags to go along with the ID tags you have provided for your pet.

There are multiple forms of ID tags. For dogs and cats it can be a collar. A tag around the leg is appropriate for birds. The ID tags should have your pet's name, destination address, your name and telephone number. It is also a good idea to have an alternate name and number on the tags in the event somebody finds your lost pet and is unable to get in contact with you. Keep in mind that most states also require a rabies tag for your pet.

ID tags are relatively inexpensive and can even be fun to shop for. Don’t risk moving without proper identification for your pet.