Moving with Pets Guide: How to Keep Pets From Fighting Like Cats and Dogs

General Guidelines

When it comes to relocating with pets, it is all about routine. Pets are creatures of habit. Keeping their routines as regular as possible will help you and your pets adjust to the move. This means carrying out normal activities in the days leading up to the move. For example, if you walk your dogs each morning, or feed them at a certain time, continue to do so.

On moving day, you may not have time to look out for the needs of your pet. It may be beneficial to ask a family member to assume responsibility for your pet during the day, or days of the move. You might also consider hiring a professional pet service for the move. These pet services have popped up all over the US and are available in many cities and towns. Some of these companies offer door-to-door service.

Many pets become scared during a move because of all the irregular activity. Some may run away, so be on alert. Do not leave outside doors open. One open door could result in your pet being gone forever. If your pet bolts on moving day, you may not be able to give the necessary attention and time to the search. You may have travel plans that limit your time. To avoid this danger you may want to arrange for your pet to be boarded until you move into your new home and settle in.