Moving with Pets

Statistics show that Americans move every seven years. The lifespan of a typical house pet is usually between ten and twenty years. Therefore, as a pet owner, it is highly likely that your pet will be relocating with you. You will need to remember that pets are just like people when it comes to moving. Pets will feel the same types of stress as people as they are forced to learn new daily routines, terrains and a whole host of new scents and sounds. The home is generally a pet’s habitat both day and night and pets are very sensitive to a change in their habitat. Pets can also become very frightened when faced with unfamiliar situations.

Just as you can control the stress levels of you and your family during your relocation, you should to do the same with your pets. With careful organization and planning, the moving process can be made easier for both you and your pet. Our helpful guide provides tips and advice to help you and your pet through this stressful process.