Tips on Packing Editor's Note: To create an article on how to handle your packing, we went straight to the source: people who had recently moved – and asked for their input.

Here's what they had to say about their biggest challenge when it came to packing, and how they handled it.

"Pay attention to details. Every aspect of the move should be carefully thought through.

"Unpack a little at a time."

"Unpack one box at a time and put things where they go. Do not open all boxes at the same time. To pack, classify your items it will be easier to unpack if you go by rooms. Put all fragiles together. It would be fewer boxes to worry about."

"I am a single person that packed and unpacked everything myself. I labeled each box with what room it was designed to and a quick description of what was inside. I was able to unpack and put away all my belongings within 1 1/2 hours after the moving company moved everything in."

"Using dish towels as packing materials, they need to be packed anyway."

"The boxes that I properly packed properly with bubble wrap, wrapping paper, and popcorn and a packing label unpacked easily but the ones that were just kind of thrown together are taking twice as long to unpack. The more organized you are the easier the unpacking goes."

"Once you know that you have to move, keep an eye out for sales in packing material - you will need lots of it, especially tapes & boxes - you can save quite a bit with the sales."

"Have each family member take a room that is primarily theirs and make them responsible for filling a certain number of boxes, no more, if it all does not fit they need to sort out what they do not really need or want to keep."

"No ... unpacking is worse than the packing! Packing and moving was the easy part. The hard part is the unpacking. I have just gone room by room starting with the kitchen followed by the bedrooms and bathrooms. These are the most functioning rooms in our house."

"Be very specific when labeling your boxes to make it easier to find things. Focus on the boxes in one room at a time. Breathe as you are doing it and rearrange like items such as decorations in a box so that it make it easier when you are unpacked."

"The age old trick still rings true; label, label, label. This can take so much time off the whole unpacking thing. I've found when packing it just makes sense to pack like items together. Also, start packing several days before moving."

"Start with the kitchen because those are items you will need right away. Work your way through rooms, leaving items that you will not necessarily need right away for last. That way if you are exhausted, you will not be left with necessities in boxes."

"Place the boxes in the room that their contents will be stored. Then put everything away. Don't worry about organization at first. When you are done emptying the boxes, start to organize. That way the house stays clean."