No one likes moving, but they really dislike packing. However, you can simplify the process by keeping it organized in these distinct tasks.

  1. Buy all of the things you need for your move: boxes, packing tape, markers, paper inventories, and a clipboard.

  2. Set asides boxes and packing tape in each room that you'll need for that particular room when packing. If you've got the money, put together the boxes well before you start packing.

  3. Designate each room a particular color as a way to keep things organized. You'll use the magic marker to mark the boxes in that room, creating a 'color code' system for the moving companies -- blue for the boxes for the living room, red for the boxes in the master bedroom, etc.

  4. Designate a piece of paper for each room and keep them organized on the clipboard.

  1. First pack the things you use infrequently -- clothes and sporting goods that are out of season, etc.

  2. Using that room's designated color, label the first box you pack "1" with a description of contents, the second box, "2," and then chronologically. As you unpack, you'll tackle the higher-numbered boxes first – you use these things more frequently, so it's best to unpack these first.

  3. Make sure to pack each box full and seal it before moving on. After you pack all the items in a closet, move the boxes into the closet to get them out of your way.

  4. On your clipboard include a more detailed description of the box's contents and its number -- use it to ensure each box was delivered and to help you find things you might need to access quickly.

  5. Pack a separate box of items you'll need right away at the new house, and include the following in it: Cleaning supplies, basic kitchen utensils, simple food items, a set of clothes per person, bathroom items, and new sheets.

  1. Place the rugs, and get furniture and dressers where you want them. Then tackle boxes.

  2. Unpack these first: kids rooms (keeps them busy); your bedroom; then the kitchen (nice for eating).

  3. For each room, unpack the higher numbers first, then check each box off your inventory.

  4. Unpack each completely, break it, and discard before moving on.

  5. Like packing, set a daily goal.