Wait! Before you Sign that Lease Be Sure to Conduct One More Inspection

You’ve located your dream house or apartment and feel confident to fork over your deposit, sign your lease and start the moving process. Before you pack everything away into boxes, we recommend one last visit in your new place – where you return with fresh eyes and perhaps with someone who will be honest regardless of how "head over heels" you are for the place. Give it a day after you initially look at the place and conduct a through inspection. Trust us, you don’t want to discover after you moved in that you have a whole slew of home improvement projects to tackle, or worst case scenario that you have you call those moving companies again.

  1. Inspect the Walls: Often times when you look at a new place the minute details such as small holes in the drywall are overlooked. Holes can mean drafts get into a house or even worse a place for vermin to live.

  2. Paint: Inspect the paint for chipping, mismatched colors or a faulty paint job. Chipped painted (especially when moving with children) is very dangerous. Also, look for stained or warped paint, which may indicate water damage.

  3. Carpeting: If you new prospective new place has carpeting, be sure to inspect it for any stains, water damage, holes or shredding.

  4. Hardwood Flooring: If the place has hardwood flooring, look for scraps or cuts. Also, be sure to look for damage to any pieces of the baseboard.

  5. Double Check the Light Fixture: Something as simple as turning the lights on and off in overlooked places such as in closets or cabinets can save you the hassle of getting fixtures repaired after moving day.

  6. Broken Tiles: Check for loose, chipped, cracked or uneven tiles in the bathroom or kitchen. Also, look for grout and make sure it is sealed properly.

  7. Appliances: In the most basic sense, they should work. Turn on the water and the shower and make sure cold is cold and hot is hot. This also applies to testing out the lights', making sure the refrigerator works, oven goes on and the toilet flushes properly.

  8. Bugs: Hopefully you won’t find any, but be sure to look for rodent droppings, roach shells or ants. If you notice any vermin, alert whoever is showing you the place again and demand an exterminator. If there are not compliant, you may have to move on.