Congratulations on your new home and the great deal on your foreclosed property! Before you start calling moving companies, you are going to need to do a thorough inspection of your new place that will address any safety concerns, as well as give you an accurate analysis of what home improvement projects you will need to tackle. Here’s exactly what to look for before moving day:

  1. Change the Locks: Nothing is more important than your safety and foreclosures are known to be a bit “raw” in the safety department. Be sure to change the locks throughout the property and even change (or add) a security system.

  2. Replace Parts: Do a complete check of your new home, looking for exposed wiring, missing door knobs or facets. You may even find that electrical outlets are missing. If you can, tackle these projects by contacting a professional electrician before you move in or as one of the first things you do.

  3. Inspect the Walls: Walls that are chipped, stained, faded or covered in ghastly wallpaper will need to be repaired. For extreme damage, you will want to call a professional (especially with chipping) where they can conduct a test for lead and asbestos. For minor jobs, you can pick a color scheme and paint, room by room. A fresh coat of paint (and a new color) is a great way to personalize your new space.

  4. Clean: Unlike purchasing a new home, you are likely not going to find a spotless abode. Be prepared to scrub, sweep and mop and repeat. Have numerous old rags, cleaner and garbage bags ready. If any clothing or personal items were left behind, place them in boxes to donate or throw away -- depending on the condition of the items.

  5. Carpeting and Flooring: Old carpeting and broken flooring is usually the norm with foreclosures. Some gently lifting and replacing tiles is a good way to make a place your own, but depending on the severity of the work it may be a job for a professional.

  6. Call Someone Handy: Although, your plumbing and water supply seems to working just fine, it is best to have someone look at your pipes to be sure that everything is up to code. You should also call up an exterminator to take a look at your new place. Not seeing any vermin at first doesn’t mean they aren’t living in the walls or your basement. An exterminator knows exactly what to look for and doing this early on will save the hassle if you happen to find some critters once you are moved in.

  7. Check the Appliances: In general, previous homeowners are supposed to leave appliances in the home such as a refrigerator. Determine if you need a new one by plugging them in to see if they work. If they don't work, check with disposal services in your area or perhaps your new supplier can get rid of faulty appliances.