A relocation can take a lot out of you. Once the exhausting moving day is done it’s disheartening to look around your new home only to find yourself surrounded by moving boxes. Not very homey. One of the keys to feeling comfortable starts before the moving truck even arrives. Pack a comfortable-home box and carry it with you, then be sure it is the first thing you unpack when at your destination.

Home Cooking
Fill your home with fresh aromas. Pack a stock pot, then head to the local grocery and pick up soup fixings. Chop, dump in the pot and simmer all day. It will fill your house with the scent that makes homemade oh-so-good.

Family First
Moving the family can be difficult. Come together with a consistent family dinner hour. This is important. Even after the moving company leaves, the first week in your new home is bound to be bananas. Bring the family together at the end of a long day with a regular evening meal.

Let it Go
With unpacking boxes, deciding what needs to go to storage and working hard to get everything in order, things around the house can get messy. Don't worry about that for now, get settled then you can clean.

Don’t Forget to Breathe
Rushing to get everything unpacked and set in the right place as soon as possible can make anyone crazy. Take a breath and take your time.

Spa Time
Pack some white towels and set them up in the bathroom. White is the best because it makes your bathroom look like a spa, and a little bleach keeps them looking fresh.

Everyone Welcome!
Don't wait until everything is perfect before inviting family and friends over. Let them know they're welcome by encouraging them to stop in and say hello or visit for a few minutes.

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