With the recent housing crisis, millions of Americans have experienced foreclosures on their properties. When you suddenly find this happening to you, breathe and get a moving plan together. Despite how difficult this is the main thing now is to move quickly, pack up your stuff, move on and hopefully cut some of your losses. Here’s how to get out of your old place quickly and move forward:

1. Call a Moving Company: Due to the time crunch, you may want to only contact two local movers. Referrals from friends would be ideal and you can also check out TopMovingCompanies.com for professional movers with reputable license numbers, as well as those with favorable ratings from the Better Business Bureau. Try to get them to come to your place to do an in-home estimate. Overpaying for a move is the last thing you need right now.

2. Pack: Unlike a regular move when you have some time to organize, foreclosures often happen rather quickly. Your goal here should be to get boxes and garbage bags, load up your stuff and have them ready to go on moving day. You should also try your best to organize and label each box. You should also try to get rid of items that you no longer need such as donating them to local charities or passing them on to friends and family.

3. Call Friends and Family: For this one, you may have to swallow your pride but their love and support will be crucial right now-whether it be for a place to stay, a helping hand or just some friendly conversation. They may also be helpful as a temporary location for storage in case you don't have sufficient space in your new place.

4. Contact the Post Office: Let the post office that you will be moving. Provide them with a new address (permanent or temporary), so that your mail can be forwarded efficiently.

5. One Last Sweep: Moving day will be bittersweet. Take one last sweep of the place, making sure you took everything you needed. Arrange to leave your keys with the bank or realtor and move forward.