Congratulations on your decision to live with your significant other or partner. What an exciting venture as you combine households in search of a new place or move into someone's existing home. One thing is for certain when you have two households there is sure to be a lot of extra stuff that you no longer need. Here is a list of what you likely can combine – that will not only save you space but let you start fresh as you bring together only what you need for your new life together.

1. TVs: Most likely you don’t need two TV’s in one home especially if you are living together in a small apartment. Consider whose is better – do you have the latest flat screen TV? Do you want to have a 32 inch TV or a 52 inch one? Consider the pros and cons of both TV’s and get rid of the other one. After you have made your decision you can also profit from it by selling it on Craigslist or via your local list serve. Donating it to charity or giving it to friends and family members is also a great way to pass on your beloved tube. Whatever you decide, be sure not to take a heavy TV with you. Trust us; figuring out where to dispose of it will save you on moving expenses.

2. Kitchen Items: Two sets of pots, two blenders, two toasters, two coffee machines…need we go on? Just like you did with the TV, assess whose items are better and get rid of the other one. If your item is something you can’t bear to get rid of – perhaps a present from your Grandmother or a toaster you love – then consider placing these items in a local storage unit for a monthly fee. This can also apply to any items that want to keep but have no room for in your new place.

3. Moving with Pets: Now this is where it gets a little tricky, but hopefully the discussion of moving with pets was part of your moving day decision. Now, if you have a cat and your partner has a dog there may be some ‘getting used to,’ which doesn’t at all mean that it is possible. Just like you are planning for your move, you should plan to adjust your pets to their new space or new living situation. Before you move, have your pets stay in their new place or spend time with the new person. Overtime, much how you will adjust to this new move, your pet will adapt as well.

4. Bed: This one is pretty obvious as an item to get rid off unless you are moving into a house (luckily you!). Decide which bed is better (and bigger) and donate or sell the old one. This can also be said for extra couches, chairs, kitchen tables, etc.

5. Plants: A source of CO2 and love for a lot of people. We see no harm in moving into a new place or adding new plants to home, we could all use a little more green in our lives, after all.

6. Moving with Kids: This is a special type of household combination where two families merge into one. Consider space and if you children will be sharing a room – kids are very possessive about their belongings (and most) likely won't want to get rid of their items. Consider their feelings and discuss the upcoming move with them as you as you decide to combine homes. For more advice on moving with kids, be sure to check out Moving with Family Guide.