What are the Different Types of Moves - Local, Long Distance and International?

By Richard Farrell
Special to TopMovingCompanies.com

A move down the street holds similar risks to a move around the world, because it is out of your control and there are many external factors influencing a move. Your decision when selecting a moving company to move your household is a major one. Moving locally may seem so simple that you may even do it yourself. However you move, the distance you move will determine the price and type of services you require. Here are the three most common moves:

Plan and research everything carefully.
Cost every element of the move, for example actual removal costs (packing, transportation, unpacking), storage, if required, and of course insurance.

Carefully select the right mover by conducting through research. Based on your research have three to five movers come to your home for an in house moving estimate. Choose your mover based on their professionalism and services offered as well as their price.
  • Plot the move day carefully by way of a detailed moving checklist, which should be referred to as the move proceeds.

  • Ensure that the home to which you are moving is ready, clean and prepared to receive you with the minimum fuss.

  • Get unpacked and sorted as quickly as possible.

A long distance move is any move that cannot logistically be completed on the same day. Because of the lengthier time that a long distance move takes, the risks associated are likely more intimidating. The same basic rules apply as with a local move but for some states there are various state licenses that your mover should have.

Moving internationally could be just over the border or across the other side of the world. In addition of a local/long distance moving you will have a number of new issues:
  • Make sure you have a passport, visa or other travel documentation in order to make sure you meet the entry criteria of the new country. Check this very carefully, and consult an expert if you are not absolutely certain. Your moving company should sort out the customs papers for you.

  • Do as much in-depth research on the country you are heading to. Look at blog sites, travel company's websites and general chat rooms attended by people like you who have made the move already.

When buying a new car we all agonize over the color of the seats and carpets, but in truth do we give as much thought and concern to moving our households? Each move, whether across town, to the other side of the country or around the world should be planned with precision. An experienced and qualified mover can take the pain out of any move, but your own involvement and commitment at every point of a move is absolutely vital.