After the excitement of getting into college wears off (if in fact it ever does), it’s time to get into a practical mode. Start packing, call your roommate and locate a moving company. Since you are moving less than one room’s worth of stuff you will need to locate movers that specialize in small moves. These movers specialize in moving 1,500 to 2,000 pounds of stuff – ideal for your college move. Here’s to locate them and cross one more thing off of your college to-do list.

1. Find Small Moving Companies: There are numerous moving companies that specialize in smaller moves or full service companies that have vans that can be used for a smaller move. Ask friends or family members for their recommendations or check out moving listings from a reputable online moving resource such as on Through your research, check if your small move will also travel long-distances and make sure to research review or complaints against the company on the Better Business Bureau.

2. Make Sure to Get an Estimate: Have two-three small moving companies come to your home for an in-house estimate. Even though you may only have a few boxes of stuff, you still want to know how much this move will cost you. Often times people give describe what there move might to movers over the phone or via email. This is a recipe for disaster – ending up where you receive a completely different quote on moving day. Bottom line: make sure moving companies see your belongings and get a quote in writing!

3. Assess their Services: Some small movers offers a “shared space” service where share the cost of the moving truck with another customer. This can be tricky if you are using this service with people that you don’t know. However, maybe you and your new roommate live close-by. This may be a great way for you two to split the cost of moving since you are going to the same location.

4. Insurance for your Small Move: Even though you have few items to move, you don’t want these items to be destroyed, damaged or even worse, stolen before you get to college. Make sure that you protect your belongings by purchasing moving insurance. Most small moving companies offer basic liability insurance. Also, although you are bringing fewer items, you may still have valuable items that you are transporting to school. If so, ask your moving company about investing in a more comprehensive plan.

5. Getting There: For your small move, you may be able to ride in the van with the mover or you can choose to get to your university on your own. If you are making stops on your move – such as moving items from storage to your dorm or items from your parent’s house to your dorm – you might want to travel with your mover. This will allow you to make sure that all of your items get picked up and transported to their proper destination.

A small move, like another move, involves the transportation of your goods. Make sure you do your research when locating moving companies, receive a quote and obtain insurance so that you can be peacefully on your way to college.