Moving Challenges Editor's Note: Readers are always giving us good insight into their moving experiences, and we're sharing them with you to help you better prepare for your move.

We asked readers the following: What was the most challenging aspect of your move? How would you handle that challenge differently in future moves?

The most common themes were picking the best moving company for the job; planning ahead; and having a solid packing plan.

"Getting everything packed. I was moving to get closer to my job, I was driving a total of 4 hours a day, and working 9. Being a single mom, it was only me to pack. I would have started packing sooner. "

"Buy my own tape and shrink wrap! The moving company charged me more for that than the move itself - CRAZY! "

"Using a moving company that was not recommended by someone who had previously used them."

"Not having my belongings delivered as promised was the most challenging and the original bid vs the mover's price was double the money. Next time I will go with a nationwide moving company instead of an independent mover. "

"Getting all my stuff at the end of the move. I would number all moving boxes, and have the moving company sign a statement indicating how many boxes/items they have taken into their possession. "

"No challenges. Just be prepared for the moving day before the movers arrive. This includes having everything in boxes and/or cleaning stating which items are to be moved. "

"I will not use moving companies that do not come out and actually take measurements of belongings for an estimate ... no more estimates by volume calculation."

"Collecting enough boxes. Buying used boxes in advance from Craigslist and other sites is a good idea."

"Packing before the move. I started on weekends 6 weeks before the move, but next time, I would start earlier and leave a couple of days off at the end. I was exhausted."

"We had more stuff than we thought and we moved from 2300 sq ft to 1500 sq ft. Deciding what to keep was difficult. In the end, we let go of stuff we could have used, but the stress of the move left for poor decision making."

"I would recommend overlapping time w/moving places. We had 3 weeks so we were able to pack up some stuff and bring it over (breakable/valuables). Also create a label where you can circle what room it is from, is it breakable?"

"Downsizing! It was a cross country move, so price based on weight was important. Also, we moved from a 2 bedroom 2.5 bath townhome with a garage into an apartment. Figuring out what we needed to take with us on our drive versus on the moving truck was challenging. "

"Identify all the items to send upfront. As moving guys are professional and very quick, we wouldn't get much time to add more and more items in the box. So keep all items to send together upfront."