A Simple Checklist of What to Do Before You Move

In the perfect world, everything would be organized before your move. You would be able to find your movers with ease and pack with no stress all while changing your address, locating a new dentist and cancelling your utilities. Alas, life is not that simple; where the number one focus is all about move itself. Beyond the movers and the packing and the sorting, follow TopMovingCompanies.com’s simple checklist to ease yourself into your new home.

1. Change your address. Probably one of the easiest things to do and one that should be a priority on your list is changing your address. If you are moving in state, simply go to the United States Postal Office official website where you can elect to have your mailing address changed permanently or temporarily. You can also choose the date when you want your mail forwarded. It is ideal to do this at least a week before moving, so that all bills and time-sensitive materials will reach your new residence right around the time you move in. Although mail will be forwarded, you should also notify magazine subscriptions, your bank, etc so that they can update your new information.

2. Let your friends and family know. Sometimes throughout all the hustle and bustle of moving, we forget to tell our loved ones of our new venture. Three weeks prior to moving send out a personalized moving notice with your new address and contact information. This will save you the hassle of having to do so later on.

3. End all contracts. Services such as your gym or even your banking institution should be cancelled at least 30 days before you move. If you belong to a chain, you can probably just use the same provider in your new area – but be sure to check before you make any assumptions. In the same light, be sure to return all videos or books from your local library and pick up your dry cleaning.

4. Disconnect all services. Call your utilities – phone, water and gas – and cable provider to cancel your current services as well as connect services in your new home.

5. Locate a doctor. Most people don’t think finding a new doctor is number one on their moving priority list but when you move in and start unpacking you will have even less time to locate one. Start by asking your current doctor and dental professional for recommendations in your new area. Even if it’s just a phone number, you have a referral to get a conversation started.

6. Have a sale. We know that they last thing you want to do right now is have a garage sale, but think of it this way; the extra money can help pay for your moving company and you will get rid of junk in the process. About three weeks before you move (around the time that you may be packing) arrange all of the items that you don’t want (or can’t) take with you. Place fliers in your neighborhood or place an ad on your local community board for a weekend sale. Don’t make your prices too high (especially if you want that stuff out of there). If you can’t spend the time hawking your wears, enlist a friend to help you; trust us, a little help goes a long way.

7. Pets. For anyone that has a pet they will tell you that it is an extended part of their family and one that you wouldn’t think twice about leaving behind. However, in some states there are certain regulations that require pets to have current vaccinations and a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI). Before you move, check the USDA’s website for current importing/exporting regulations regarding your pets.