Make Moving Easier Editor's Note: We regularly talk with our readers about their moving experience, which we then share with people who are preparing to move.

When you're planning your move, who better to listen to than people who just moved?

Here are some of their top tips on reducing the stress of moving day.

"I moved a lot of smaller things myself before the moving day ... it cleared out the house and made the actual moving day much easier."

"By dedicating 1 week to 'the move.' Although we easily could have had the movers move the boxes, we chose to drive them ourselves to a new location (15 minutes away) a few days prior, get the boxes open and put away as much as possible before the furniture came."

"Taking the time to mark and number all the boxes."

"Moving my mother, I arranged for her to be in another area of her senior community until the last little bit. This helped time pass and avoided any emotion about seeing her 'life' loaded onto a truck. She remained in good spirits through the move."

"Left my son with a babysitter and took day off from work."

"Took the driver and helper to lunch and allowed them to sit down and relax while they ate before unloading."

"Take a 5 minute break every 2-3 hours."

"Moving and packed all of our breakable items in our own vehicles, which we packed the night before."

"Throw it away or give it away before moving it."

"Expect it to be a long day."

"Keep inventory lists of all your stuff so everything is accounted for."

"I had the house clean and painted before moving in. Brought with me few clothes and personal stuff."

"Deliver my belonging at the agreed time, using professional moving companies, not a part time guy and his sons. Also having professional customer service rep."

"We had the boxes packed before the movers arrived. We cleaned as they moved stuff out."

"Group items together: kitchen stuff in one area, fragile stuff in another, etc. Clear your day (or half-day) and be on-site and supervise the move: make sure the movers handle things appropriately (especially fragile stuff)."