After Moving

When moving day is finally over you are immediately faced with a new set of challenges in the form of settling into your new home and new neighborhood. Settling in can be sometimes be as stressful as the actual move itself. Here is a list of things to remember that will make the first couple of weeks a whole lot easier for you and your family.
  • You will immediately want to locate some important places, such as the post office, police station, fire station, hospitals, gas stations and the local hardware store.

  • Provide your new doctor and dentist with your medical history.

  • Transfer insurance policies to your new agent. Making a detailed list of your belongings, their value and your coverage may be a good safety precaution.

  • Contact the local DMV. If you have moved to another state you may need to exchange your driver’s license and register your vehicle. Some states require that you take a new driver’s test.

  • Update service providers. You might need a new bank, pharmacist, cleaner, and cable and Internet provider.

  • Contact the local Chamber of Commerce for information on schools, community activities, emergency calling services and libraries. You will probably want to obtain a local library card as well.

  • Contact the department of sanitation to find out information on trash day and recycling in your neighborhood.

  • Register to vote in your new precinct.

  • You may find that you are overrun with documents and files in your new home. Decide what must be kept and determine for how long. Make sure to file and keep them in a safe place.

Hopefully, you and your family will begin to adjust to your new surroundings and daily routines and soon feel like everything is back to normal.