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About Two Men and a Truck

Two Men and a Truck is one of the biggest moving company franchises in the United States. Its roots date back to the 80s. Back then, Brig Sorber and Jon Sorber, two high school students, worked in the moving industry in the Lansing area. They were supported by their mother, who is the one that made the company successful. In 1985 things got serious: their mother bought 14 trucks and hired some movers. Things went well for the company, and in 1989 they opened an office outside of Michigan, in Atlanta. Today the company has more than 3,000 vehicles.

Services for Homeowners

Two Men and a Truck offers many services today, both for homeowners and businesses.

Services for homeowners include:

  • Local Moving
    This is the service that Two Men and a Truck started with and is still its strong point. The company helps people to move in (or out of) apartments, single-family homes, dormitories, and condos. Movers pack furniture for free to ensure the best moving experience.
  • Long Distance Moving
    A standard long distance move consists of a team of movers loading your belongings on a truck then driving all your stuff to your new home and unloading your items. It may even include packing and unpacking if you select this option. But if you prefer a flexible (and cheaper) service, you can ask for Value Flex. With the Value flex option, movers will load your items and drive to your new city, where another local team will deliver your items and take care of unloading and unpacking. The Flex Value option is best for small moves.
  • Junk Removal
    At the moment, the service is available for some locations only. Two Men and a Truck helps customers who are reorganizing their homes get rid of unwanted items. In particular, this service is useful if you are renovating your home.
  • Storage
    If you need some flexibility with your move or need to secure some items during a renovation, you can choose this service. You can choose the onsite storage option, which involves Two Men and a Truck storing your belongings at their facility, or portable storage units.

The company also guarantees experience with rental properties. Moreover, the movers are trained to help the customer reorganize their furniture. This is specifically designed for providing the customer the best experience with the arrangement of their new home.

Services for Companies

As mentioned above, Two Men and a Truck also offers support for businesses. The moving service is available for business offices, medical offices, retail stores, and non-profit organizations. In addition to moving, the company offers junk removal and storage.

Special Services

According to the vendor’s website, Two Men and a Truck’s staff is trained to move large items, like pianos. Plus, the staff undergoes drug testing on a regular basis.

Two Men and a Truck also offers services to help customers with packing. For instance, their own movers are ready and prepared to pack your entire house. If, on the other hand, you want to pack your own belongings, but you have no idea where to get the necessary supplies, you can contact the company for an ad hoc kit. For example, the company can provide boxes of various sizes, such as those for wardrobes, chandeliers, and TVs.

How Much Do Two Men and a Truck Services Cost?

As far as costs are concerned, the corporate website reports that each franchise location makes its own price. Most locations operate on an hourly rate for local travel, while they charge on a weight + distance basis for long-distance moves. Additional factors that affect pricing can be flights of stairs, the distance between the van and the loading or unloading area, and the time required for loading and unloading.

Like all large companies, most credit cards are accepted for payment. Tipping is a different matter. According to what is stated on the supplier’s website, movers are never allowed to ask for tips, but if the client wishes to give money, they are allowed to accept.

Two Men and a Truck Feedback – Corporate Website and Yelp

It could not be a complete moving company review without a feedback section.

The corporate website contains a section for reviews. Most of these are positive and written by people enthusiastic about the service. Amazing, accommodating, friendly: these are the adjectives that most users use to describe what Two Men and a Truck offers. Some of them, however, complain about some serious flaws. For example, if you select one-star reviews, you can read that some of their movers treat property and customers with little regard. Moreover, in some cases, people were not complaining about the moving staff, but about the office, which lacked organization.

It must be said that there are a lot of reviews (more than 400 thousand) and the negative ones are about 1% of the total (i.e. only four thousand), so overall, the large majority of reviews were positive. It’s also important to take into account that there are many Two Men and a Truck locations, and while most may be top-notch, there may be some that are not as ideal. Including reviews in your website helps to give a transparent image, but sometimes it can be a double-edged sword!

Double-checking reviews across multiple sites, however, is always a good idea. We decided to read some reviews on Yelp to prove that what we read on the corporate site was true. The good reviews on Yelp refer mostly to the on-site staff, and in particular to the efforts made by the movers to relocate some bulky furniture. Some posts also mention the kindness of the phone operators, who try to find the best solution to the customers’ needs.

As we expected, on Yelp there are negative reviews too (no major service will ever have only positive comments). The majority of Yelp users who gave one star to Two Men and a Truck mostly complain about the price, which is too high for the miles driven or the number of goods to be moved. Please keep in mind that this is only the users’ opinion. In some cases, it also seems that the movers took longer to load the goods than budgeted. Again, we suggest that you consider all the elements, such as the fact that the company responded to most of the negative reviews and showed complete availability to solve the problem.

Pros and cons about Two Men and a Truck

In short, here are the main strong and weak points of the company.


  • They Provide Help with Packing Furniture and Large Items
    Packing big objects is not so easy, plus, if you do it wrong, they could be damaged during the moving process. Movers have to be careful with your belongings, but they are not responsible if you packed the objects poorly. Having someone that wraps furniture and other items for you is a life-saver.
  • Drug Tested Team
    This pro feature seems unnecessary, but it guarantees that the movers can work at their best. You’ll be thankful for this.
  • Storage
    Having more room when you move somewhere else or when you renovate your house is essential. And the possibility to rely on your company instead of asking friends for help will make you feel at ease. No more needing to ask your friend if he has some extra space to store your things!
  • Reviews
    The overall review profile for Two Men and a Truck is positive, with more positive reviews than negative, and a willingness from the staff to respond to negative reviews and try to address whatever issues occurred.


  • Pricing
    Each of the franchising locations sets its costs. Thus, it’s not possible to get an estimate just by taking a look at the corporate website. Plus, the per hour fee could be risky because sometimes movers will have to work more hours than estimated to pack things, load, and unload them.
  • Communication with offices
    When reading the reviews, there seems to be communication issues with some of the local offices. While it does not appear to be widespread, it is something to consider before you hire them (pay attention to initial communication efforts before you hire them to get a clue if there might be communication issues down the road with that particular branch).

We hope you found this review on Two Men and a Truck helpful!

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