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About Tik Tok Moving

It’s time to talk about a firm established in 2006 in New York – Tik Tok Moving. The company is fairly young, yet it offers a wide range of services to both households and businesses. Tik Tok Moving, in fact, handles local, long-distance, and international relocations. In short, it is a full service moving company!

Its staff takes care of any kind of project, ranging from the smallest to the largest. For example, the company is a one-stop-shop for apartments, detached houses, country cottages, and estates. But, in our opinion, what will strike you the most is their services for businesses and institutions. Tik Tok Moving has worked for museums, art galleries, film and theater producers, and hotels.

Tik Tok Moving Services

From Local Moving to International Moving

As we mentioned above, Tik Tok Moving deals with different kinds of relocations. You can refer to this company for:

  • Local moving
  • Long-distance moving 
  • International moving

It is common knowledge that every state in the USA has its own moving laws. Tik Tok Moving, on the other hand, touts itself as an expert in moving regulations. For example, the company provides up-to-date information on the documents required to transport exotic animals, machinery, pets, and plants. The advantage? It allows you to easily manage your move from one state to another in accordance with all regulations.

Tik Tok Moving offers its services both to clients who are moving abroad and to people who wish to settle within the US. Of course, some objects are excluded from the moving service, such as weapons and ammunition, plants, building materials, explosives, and flammable materials.

Services For Households and Companies

Through its services, Tik Tok Moving covers the needs of any type of client. Since the offer is so extensive, we will first begin with the ones aimed at both homeowners and businesses.

  • Packing Services

This is a reassuring option for those who are not confident in packing their own objects and prefer to let the staff take care of everything. If the customers want to do it themselves, they can buy the necessary materials from the company. Tik Tok Moving offers many boxes designed expressly for books, dishes, legal documents, flat-screen TVs, wardrobes, etc.

  • Storage Services: On its website, Tik Tok Moving claims that there are several options for storage, but the section is not very clear. The dedicated web page only explains the differences between the service for homeowners and for businesses. The offer for homeowners includes pest control service, air conditioning, fire-safety units, alarm systems, video surveillance, and 24-hour security guards. In addition to these options, Tik Tok Moving offers companies a private storage area, parking lots for trucks, and discounts on the rate for large volumes. In both cases, the goods are stored at the Tik Tok Moving facilities.
  • Piano Moving: Tik Tok Moving specializes in the relocation of bulky items, more specifically, pianos. The cost of the service varies depending on the size of the instrument. The minimum charge for an upright studio piano (one of the most popular pianos) is $195.
  • Junk Removal: When you move, you realize how many items you no longer need. Tik Tok Moving offers customers to handle this as well. Please note: movers will only pick up non-toxic materials, including pallets, hot tubs, cardboard boxes, storage materials, and construction waste. You can gather your junk into an area for easier pick up by the company, but you can also have Tik Tok give you the full-service experience where they do everything for you. They even let you decide if you want your “junk” donated and which institution it gets donated to.
    • Disassembly and Reassembly of Furniture Help in Identifying the Memories to Bring to the New Home
      The company aims to help older family members choose which items to keep (you can accumulate so many objects over the decades!). And it does so without putting pressure on the person.
    • Premises Cleaning                                                                                                                                        When you move, you usually have to take care of finding new tenants for the house. And, of course, you have to clean it up to make it more attractive. Likewise, when you move into a new office, all you want is for it to be completely tidy. This is where the staff of Tik Tok Moving comes into play. They offer comprehensive cleaning services for an additional fee.
    • Transportation and Installation of Household Appliances and Electronic Devices
      Tik Tok Moving transports and installs electronic devices such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and dishwashers. But the most innovative service (and one that will interest companies) is the one concerning computers. In addition to packing and moving, they take care of data backups ahead of the relocation, and when the computer has been moved to the new location, the staff reboots it to make sure everything is ok. Tik Tok can take care of installing any wireless routers, and they run check-ups to ensure that electronic devices connect to the network. Finally, they also take care of installing local area networks.
    • Installing Other Tech Items
      The staff is specialized in transporting flat-screen TVs and multi-room audio systems. When it comes to flat-screen TVs, the movers can affix them to the wall as well as installing a satellite dish if you have one. What about audio systems? Well, the company can help with installing that too, putting extra effort into hiding cables and mounting the speakers on the walls in order to create a cleaner looking installation. Unfortunately, though, it appears this service is reserved for NYC installations only.

Let’s now move on to the services dedicated exclusively to businesses. By hiring Tik Tok Moving, offices and museums are offered several advantages, such as scheduling a relocation during night hours or holidays. It is a perfect service for all those who want to be operative as soon as possible. The moving company also provides the most avant-garde lifts, cranes, and winches to ensure that heavy supplies are put correctly inside the trucks. Any clue about how to arrange furniture in your new office? Don’t worry, Tik Tok Moving staff can offer consulting on the space planning in accordance with the current regulations.

Another popular service is asset cataloging, which involves a bar-coded inventory that allows you to track where all your items are. This is the basis for all large companies that need to store furniture and other goods either for the short and long term. Finally, if you need to tidy up before starting the moving process, Tik Tok Moving can help with document destruction, warehouse and shelving reconfiguration, carpentry work, and wall assembly.

Tik Tok Moving Reviews

On the Tik Tok Moving website, you can also find a section dedicated to reviews. Of course, the contents you can find here describe Tik Tok Moving as the best company ever (it happens every time on company websites). Customers focus on the on-site service and on the movers professionality. In most cases, the staff arrived earlier than expected and was extra careful with the customers belongings. And, sometimes, the movers even placed some extra wrapping to better protect the items. In this section, customers talk about difficult relocations that took many hours and implied many flights of stairs. Even though these were not easy operations, the reviewers look satisfied.

We decided to confront the information we found on the Tik Tok Moving website with some Yelp reviews. Here you’ll find contrasting opinions: some people had the best experience of their life, while others had a terrible day. For example, it seems that Tik Tok Moving saved some customers who were abandoned by their former moving company. In these cases, the firm picked up the job as quickly as possible and helped people to complete the move in a few days. The movers, the positive reviews say, are polite, on time, and professional. But disasters do appear happen from time to time. Negative reviews on Yelp tell how (sometimes) the staff of this full-service moving company is not very careful and causes damage to the floor, walls, etc.

Tik Tok Moving Pros and Cons


  • Cleaning Services
    Sometimes you do not have much time to tidy up the house and make it pretty for potential tenants. We think that having the opportunity to ask the Tik Tok staff to clean your current home will help you feel more at ease.
  • Junk Removal Services
    Taking care of your junk is not so easy when you are busy with your moving process. Having someone else that does it for you is relieving. And the fact that it will be you who decides the destination of each item is just refreshing.
  • Installation of Electronic Devices
    Dishwashers, multi-room audio systems, and LAN are not easy to install. When you can ask a professional, why should you do it yourself?


  • No Information About Insurance on the Website
    The full-service moving company website contains lots of information but does not mention the kind of insurance you have at your disposal. You can just call them, but since the website is so well organized, this is a little disappointing.
  • Impolite Movers
    We already wrote about this issue, which is pretty common in most of the moving companies. Of course, nobody would like to deal with not careful movers, but accidents do happen.
  • No Answer to Bad Reviews
    This should ring a bell. Of course, you have to consider the number of positive reviews and the negative ones before deciding.

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