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About Presto Logistics

Presto Logistics was born in 2007 and went under a series of transformations over a few years. In the beginning, Presto Logistics was a long-haul courier for moving companies and shippers, and it transported goods to and from California. A few years later, instead, it became the preferred service of moving companies for households in California, New York, and Florida.

The next step – opening to the public – was just natural. Today, the company offers many solutions to households and businesses, has several offices in New York and Georgia, and a partnership throughout New York State.

Presto Logistics Services

Services for Households and Companies

While Presto Logistics hasn’t forgotten its past, it focuses on its future of moving people and businesses. The company offers itself to the public for long-distance moves. In addition, Presto Logistics guarantees service throughout the United States and, within its corporate website, it promises a smooth experience for both moving across the a few states or across the country.

Presto Logistics targets two kinds of customers. In fact, the company offers its services both to people looking to move into a new house and to offices in need of new premises.

Packing and Storage Services

Everyone needs extra space to better organize their belongings when they move. To provide its customers the best coverage possible, this long-distance moving company offers a storage service. The options are not endless, as Presto Logistics only provides the possibility of storing your belongings at its facilities. However, the prospect seems attractive, as the facilities that Presto Logistics has reserved for storage are temperature controlled, so your goods should not suffer any temperature related damage.

Let’s talk about packing, the most delicate operation. Are you a real professional mover who can take care of packing on his/her own? Then Presto Logistics can provide you with everything you need. You’ll get boxes of any size, bubble wrap, paper, and tape for packing, and special boxes for lamps, plates, mirrors, etc. If, on the other hand, you feel uncomfortable with this task, don’t worry. You can hire Presto Logistics to do it for you.

Presto Logistics Staff – Drivers and Movers

This long-distance moving company focuses on the staff – The staff, says Presto Logistics in its corporate website, is suitably prepared to deal with all situations, regardless of the job size. Great attention is paid to safety: drivers, in fact, are periodically subjected to a drug-test.

What Can You Do on Presto Logistics Website?

What is one of the most interesting features of Presto Logistics website? You can get an estimate of moving costs right to your email. All you need to do is fill in some data on their online form. In addition to personal data (name, phone number, email address), you must include:

  • Starting location zip code
  • Destination zip code
  • Number of rooms in your current home
  • Moving date

Besides, you can monitor the status of your shipment on the home page. To check where your furniture is, all you have to do is fill in the destination state, tracking code, and job number.

Presto Logistics Reviews

Presto Logistics website features a feedback section, but it is not very user-friendly, because it contains handwritten forms. Moreover, if you zoom in on the images, a slideshow is triggered. Most of the handwritten forms talk about the work of the movers. ‘Efficient’; ‘everyone did a good job’; ‘the guys did a great job’: these are the comments that customers wrote, and most of the uploaded forms confirm that Presto Logistics is an excellent company. This is reassuring to know. Yet, as we always say, no service will ever have 100% positive reviews, because every person is different and has completely different expectations.

We decided to check out the information on Presto Logistics website by comparing it to Yelp reviews. On Yelp, there are not a lot of submissions about Presto Logistics. However, they are real experiences, and they are examples of how the company handled bad customer experiences. Reading here and there we found that most of the customers were very satisfied with the service they got from Presto Logistics.

For example, the reviewers expressed great appreciation for the method of getting an on-site cost estimate. Most users also spoke positively about the movers who, according to Yelp comments, packed the items to be transported with care.

Of course, there are also negative reviews. Apparently, in some cases, the estimate wasn’t accurate. Thus, customers had to pay extra for all their items to be transported to their new homes. Other users, however, did not want to pay the additional charge and left some objects behind. In other cases, some of the furniture had been damaged. It must be said that the negative reviews are few and that the company proposed to solve the problems. Plus, when it was not possible, Presto Logistics specified the reasons for the inconvenience caused by the team.

Pros and cons of Presto Logistics


  • A Dedicated Team to Pack Your Belongings
    If you are not good at packing, a fundamental aspect of moving, Presto Logistics can help. Consider that poorly packed items may be damaged during travel or when they are loaded in or off the truck. Having a team that can do it for you will make you feel more at ease.
  • Experienced Employees
    You need people that know how to move in order to prevent things from getting broken. Yes, accidents may happen, but having an experienced team is best.
  • Storage Offer
    As we said, even though there is just one option (keeping your items in the company facilities), it will be useful. Extra space is never a bad idea.
  • Tracking Moving Status Through their Website
    This feature, which shows you the status of your move, will help you relax. Customers always want an update on their move, and this is a great way to easily get one.
  • Covid-19 Conscious
    Presto Logistics looks very respectful of Covid-19 guidelines, and on its Yelp profile you can read that trucks are constantly cleaned and that all movers will be wearing masks and gloves.


  • Moving Your Belongings Could be Slow
    Reading the reviews on Yelp, it seems that sometimes moving your furniture to the final site could take up to 14 business days, which is around 3 weeks. Of course, that is a wide range, and usually deliveries are made in a few days. However, if you have to move out quickly, consider getting in touch with the company as soon as possible.
  • Sometimes Cost Estimation is Not Accurate
    Reviews mentioned that some extra costs could be added on moving day, causing some customers to leave behind some items in order to keep the original estimated price, or give in and pay the extra fees.

We hope you found this review of Presto Logistics helpful in your decision making!

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