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U-Pack Moving
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Chattanooga, Tennessee

Tennessee has the draw of serene weather, southern hospitality and the state that is a day’s drive from 65 percent of the U.S. population. In East Tennessee, the city of Chattanooga is surrounded by urban areas and a natural landscape. There are many reasons to visit this part of the state, one of them being it is the locale of the largest candy outlet—Russell Stover’s Candy atop the western foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. After buying loads of discounted candy you can trek to River Road Farms to view the exquisite gardens, espaliered tree nurseries and fine views from hilltops. Another site in East Tennessee that promises to be a fun time for individuals at any age is the Courtney Apple Orchard where you can snack on apples, pick the ones you’d like to buy for apple pies later in the day, and make cider the old-fashioned way while you are there. These are the places and moments that locals and visitors live for. Like many southern towns now, there has been over development and a rush of strip malls and outlets. Chattanooga is no different, there are malls and outlets with your favorite designers, so shopaholics, don’t fret. However, if you look for the smaller community-owned or managed destinations you will really get a feel for what Chattanooga is really like. There is a free electric service that circles around the downtown area that makes for easy travel. Another option is renting a car to drive along trails and highways to see the most scenic mountains Tennessee has to offer. People moving to Tennessee are often seeking a calm way of life where they can take a break and enjoy nature and friendly neighbors.

Chattanooga is a charming town for visitors—and job-seeking individuals—alike. The state was named by Site Selection Magazine as one of the top five states in the nation for best business climate and was listed in the top three of a list of “Tax Friendly Places” by The Tax Foundation. Chattanooga is doing very well economically as seen in the expansion of business over the years. In addition to the settling of corporate heavy hitters in Tennessee including FedEx, HCA, AutoZone and Dollar General, Volkswagon has joined in ranks in Chattanooga with a one billion dollar facility. With businesses doing well – on the local and state program plans – it’s no wonder Chattanooga moving companies are busier than ever bringing in new tenants.

There are also new projects in the works such as a 21st Century Waterfront Project that will use $120 million dollars to enhance the riverfront area. This will include expansions to current attractions such as the Tennessee Aquarium, the Hunter Museum of Art and the Children’s Creative Discovery Museum. The development project will also add a new pedestrian bridge, pier and a waterfront park.

What attracts people to Chattanooga? Well, people who visit love to go to the Tennessee Aquarium, waterfront attractions and the Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel, which was built in the old Terminal Station and exhibits the largest HO model train layout in the United States. Other Downtown attractions include the Creative Discovery Museum, a hands-on children’s museum where parents and their kids can explore the magic of science, the arts and music. The Tennessee Riverwalk is also very popular amongst tourists. It is a 13-mile long trail the runs along the river and over creeks. There are also many sites along to way to marvel at.

If you come to visit Chattanooga during the summer, don’t miss the favored Riverbend Festival that runs for a span of nine days. Acts that have appeared during past festivals include Sheryl Crow, Joan Osbourne with the Chattanooga Symphony Orchestra and Alison Krauss & Union Station.

There have been settlements of numerous Native American groups in the area including the Cherokee people. The name Chattanooga stems from the Muskogean word “cvto” that means “rock.” The latter of the word derives from Muskogean word “nunga,” which means “dwelling place.” This was an area where Native American dissonance was felt throughout the settlement of the European and the American Revolutionary War. In time, the U.S. government forced the Cherokees and other Native American groups from the southeastern states of the U.S. into the state of Oklahoma. The Trail of Tears marks the path they took to exile and the internment camps where they were held.

Chattanooga was also a spot for the American Civil War. The Union artillery bombarded Chattanooga as a diversion and occupied it in 1863. In November, the Battles for Chattanooga began with the Union forces led by Major General Ulysses S. Grant reinforcing the troops and advancing against the Confederate troops. When the war ended, the city became a major railroad hub and industrial center.


Interesting Facts:

  • Chattanooga’s work force is said to be distinguished by its pride in individual workmanship because the state provides training for specialized professions.
  • Famous Chattanooga, Tennessee residents include: actor Samuel L. Jackson, editor of Newsweek Jon Meacham and the publisher of the Chattanooga Times and The New York Times.
  • There are more than seven bridges in the city of Chattanooga to cross the Tennessee River from west to east.

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