Local & Long Distance Moving Companies in New York, NY


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Sprinter Van Lines Inc.
New York NY moving quotes, Sprinter Van Lines moving offers a variety of Residential and Commercial Moving Services. No matter what you’re movin...

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Liedkie Moving & Storage Inc.
Arpin Van Lines, one of the nation’s leading household goods carriers, celebrates 107 years of continued growth and leadership in the transportation...

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DN Van Lines Inc.
Movers New York New York, As one of the most professional and affordable moving companies in Boston, DN Van Lines conducts residential moves a...

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Xtreme Movers
Xtreme Movers is a professional moving company. We strive to exceed expectations and make your moving experience stress-free! All while making sure...

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White Glove Moving & Storage Inc.
Moving companies New York NY, We here at White Glove Moving take pride in our ability to make the far away seem near. White Glove Moving is a long dis...

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Southern VanLines Inc.
Moving Long Distance Planning a long distance move? Southern Van-lines has the necessary tools and staff to handle your long distance move safely –...

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Hood Moving & Relocation
New York NY moving companies, At "A Moving Around" we understand the importance of moving not just furniture but the family as well. This major decision...

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Prime Storage Systems Inc.
New York New York movers, Moving to Hawaii or moving from Hawaii can be just as easy as one, two, three, it all depends on which relocation service ...

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U-Pack Moving
ABF U-Pack Moving was launched nationwide on October 1, 1997 by ABF Freight System, Inc. U-Pack has become an extremely popular choice for...

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North Van Lines Inc.
Moving company New York, We are professionals who are dedicated to customer satisfaction and focused on developing and nurturing our client relations...

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B Q Transport LLC
New York New York long distance moving, At BQ Transport, we understand no two moves are the same and no two customers’ needs are the same. That’s why...

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East Coast Moving Inc.
East Coast Moving Inc. is a well-established moving company based in Queens, New York. Our company is growing every year and providing excellent...

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Laser International Transportation Incorporated
We provide international moving and storage solutions to private and corporate clients. We focus on transporting household goods and automobiles...

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Colonial Van Lines Inc.
New York moving companies, When you hire a long-distance moving company, you want to rest assured that the team you’ve chosen has the skills and convi...

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24 7 Logistic Services
New York NY moving quotes, 24/7 Logistic Services LLC offers a wide range of moving services for every life situation and your individual needs. We ...

New York, New York

It is often said, "If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere." This statement personifies the spirit of New York and its energetic people. Those moving to New York will enjoy living in one of the most diverse and unique places in the world -- filled with cultural centers, one-of-a-kind museums and people from all over the world. As the most populous state in the U.S., New York is composed of five distinct boroughs -- Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island. No matter what you are seeking, you are sure to find it when moving to New York.

New York was largely inhibited by the Lenape Native Americans in 1524 that was explored by the Italians and later by the Dutch that called the area "New Amsterdam." in 1664, the area was renamed "New York" whose Indian population slowly diminished. The area later became an important port city. Following the American Revolution, the Constitution was ratified in New York and George Washington, America's first president, was appointed here. In the 19th, New York experienced a boom in its population -- which can be mainly attributed to development and immigration. By the 1930s, New York surpassed London in population -- becoming the first megacity in history. Today, the city continues to grow and is a destination like no other -- no wonder so many New York movers are so busy.

New York has always been an energetic center for business whose total state product is worth $1.1 trillion dollars. Specifically New York is a huge within the banking, finance and communication industries. The state also is involved in the manufacturing of clothing and apparel, and furs as well as the center for book publishing, television broadcasting, advertising and other various media outlets. New York is also involved in agriculture where apples, plums, pears and peaches are produced. Additionally, with the city’s immense cultural and educational resources, famous shops and restaurants, places of entertainment and attractions, New York City draws millions of tourists every year, bringing in billions of revenue to the city.


Interesting Facts:

  • The Statue of Liberty, located on Liberty Island, was a gift from the France.
  • More than 47 percent of New York City's residents over the age of five speak a language other than English at home
  • An average of 4.9 million people ride the New York City subway each weekday