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Prime Storage Systems Inc.
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Shlepper's Moving & Storage
Movers Brooklyn New York, Shleppers exists to provide excellent service and value to its customers while maintaining our uncompromising principals as ...

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Alaska Terminals, Inc.
Alaska Terminals, Inc. is based in beautiful Anchorage, Alaska with branch offices in Fairbanks, Alaska as well as in Seattle, Washington. For the...

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United Transportation Moving & Storage
Moving companies Brooklyn NY, Interstate movement of household goods and personal possessions takes the coordinated effort of professional team. Unite...

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Allied & North American Van Lines
Allied & North American Van Lines has over 85 years of experience and has built one of the largest moving networks in the world to service consumers,...

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DN Van Lines Inc.
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Colonial Van Lines
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24-7 Logistic Services
24/7 Logistic Services LLC offers a wide range of moving services for every life situation and your individual needs. We are dedicated to provide...

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Fine Express Inc.
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Movage Inc
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US Megaline Inc
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East Coast Moving Inc.
East Coast Moving Inc. is a well-established moving company based in Queens, New York. Our company is growing every year and providing excellent...

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Father and Son Moving and Storage
Brooklyn moving companies, Father & Son Moving and Storage has been moving families since 1908. Our goal is to provide you with the quality Connec...

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Laser International Transportation
Brooklyn NY moving quotes, We provide international moving and storage solutions to private and corporate clients. We focus on transporting househo...

Brooklyn, New York

What do Michael Jordan, Barry Manilow and Mae West have in common? They were all born in Brooklyn, NY. Today, Brooklyn has over 2.5 million residents with a vast array of nationalities and ethnicities. The city is connected to Manhattan by the Brooklyn Bridge, which goes over the East River. Both residents and tourists alike find exhilarating joy in walking across the bridge and taking in the scenery. Brooklyn is on the western side of New York City and is surrounded by water for over 30 miles.

One of the more unique things that new residents will quickly discover is the distinct demographic make-up of its different areas. For example, Williamsburg has a large Orthodox Jewish population and Bedford has a predominantly African American population. Brighton Beach’s residents are mainly Polish or Russian while Sunset Park has Chinese and Hispanic residents. Brooklyn Heights and Park Slope are considered to be the most upscale neighborhoods. Brooklyn has something for everyone, which you will surely discover the second your moving company unloads your belongings.

Economy:The trends in Brooklyn are following those of the rest of the United States where the service industry is overtaking the manufacturing industry as a key economic resource for the city. Brooklyn’s economy also continues to follow Manhattan’s. The health care sector is also a large driver of job growth in the city and the overall economy is continuing to improve. With an increasing population there is a demand for additional affordable housing options as they are currently somewhat sparse. Brooklynites have been happily watching their city’s unemployment rates go down while wages for many local jobs are going up.
Tourism: One of the most popular and vibrant attractions is the Astroland Amusement Park in Coney Island. Visitors can take delight in riding one of the world’s oldest wooden roller coasters. In the summer tourists can enjoy a visit to the Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park where they can view beautiful and artistic sculptures. Another worthwhile stop on any tour is Prospect Park – a wonderful park designed by Olmstead and Vaux of Central Park Fame. Grand Army Plaza with The Soldiers and Sailors Arch is located there in Prospect Park. No matter what cultural experience you are looking for, you can find it in Brooklyn. Virtually any type of museum can be found there too from art to religious heritage to transportation and children’s exhibits. Another gorgeous sight to behold is the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

“Breuckelen” was given its name by the Dutch settlers who first arrived in 1646. The initial settlers were the Lenape Native American Indians. Brooklyn was the first municipality in the state of New York. In 1664 the city of New York was divided into twelve counties. In 1834, Brooklyn officially became a city. In 1880, Brooklyn was responsible for the production of more than half of the refined sugar used in our country. At the start of the 20th century Brooklyn saw major expansion thanks to many advances in transportation such as trolley lines, new bridges and the subway. By the 1930’s, hundreds of thousands of new residents flocked to Brooklyn during what is known as the “Great Migration.” In the 1950s, much of the major manufacturing plants moved out of Brooklyn to less expensive sites and many middle class families relocated to other boroughs. In 1957, the Brooklyn Dodgers headed west to their new home in Los Angeles. There were many dark spots in Brooklyn’s history over the next 40 years with increased poverty, abandoned docks and warehouses and many retailers going out of business. But by the 1990s, the city saw a wonderful resurgence and it continues to thrive today in the 21st century. It’s no wonder Brooklyn moving companies are so busy!


Interesting Facts:

  • The New Jersey Nets will become the Brooklyn Nets and their home court will be at Atlantic Yards
  • Brillo Pads were once manufactured in the Brooklyn neighborhood of DUMBO or "down under the Manhattan Bridge overpass."
  • Every summer on the first Saturday following the Summer Solstice is the Mermaid Parade in Coney Island.
  • In 1947, Brooklyn Dodger Jackie Robinson became the first African American major league baseball player.
  • In 1977, the city experienced a major blackout.

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