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U-Pack Moving
Topeka KS moving quotes, ABF U-Pack Moving was launched nationwide on October 1, 1997 by ABF Freight System, Inc. U-Pack has become an extrem...

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Prime Storage Systems Inc.
Moving to Hawaii or moving from Hawaii can be just as easy as one, two, three, it all depends on which relocation service you are using. At Prime...

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National Van Lines Inc.
Movers Topeka Kansas, Founded in 1929, National Van Lines is an ESOP-owned enterprise that began in the Chicago area as a horse and wagon moving servic...

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The Fire Men Moving Co.
The Firemen Moving Co. has been professionally moving residential and commercial properties since 1992. With over 20 years of experience, owner Neal...

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Premier Van Lines International Inc.
Moving companies Topeka KS, Founded in 1992, Premier Van Lines International is one of Americas leading relocation companies which specialize in in...

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Golden Rule Relocation
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Hood Moving & Relocation
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City Moving
Topeka Kansas movers, GP Movers offer the best moving services around. You can have a team of professional and highly skilled movers backing your move...

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United Transportation Moving & Storage
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Allied & North American Van Lines
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John Ferguson Moving & Storage LLC
Topeka Kansas long distance moving, Here at John Ferguson Moving & Storage, we are proud to be a locally owned moving and storage company. We take ...

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Alaska Terminals, Inc.
Alaska Terminals, Inc. is based in beautiful Anchorage, Alaska with branch offices in Fairbanks, Alaska as well as in Seattle, Washington. For the...

Topeka, Kansas

In July of 2010, Kiplinger magazine named Topeka, Kansas one of the top 10 best cities for the next decade. Why is moving to Topeka such a great idea? Many residents cite the quality of life; as one resident says, “It’s small enough that you still know everyone, but it’s big enough that there’s a lot to do.” The relatively low cost of housing also keeps Topeka moving companies busy, and so does the stable job market.

One of the best reasons for moving to Topeka is that its residents have a vision for the future. Although the pace of life in its downtown area is somewhat slow right now, local businesspeople are collaborating with volunteer groups to revitalize the downtown area, starting with a monthly Art Walk. This effort has been helped by a grass-roots organization called Think Big Topeka!, which came together to try to attract investment by web search giant Google.

Another good reason for relocating to Topeka is the stable economy. Because Topeka is the capital of Kansas, the state government is the largest employer. This helps the regional job market avoid the ups and downs of recessions.

Topeka has also seen a number of its businesses expand dramatically even in the midst of a nationwide recession. For example, Goodyear Tire and Rubber recently committed to a $250-million modernization of their manufacturing facility. Other name brands with an important manufacturing presence in Topeka include Payless Shoe Corp, Stride Rite Corp, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, PT Coffee Supplies, Frito-Lay and Del Monte Foods.

Topeka is located near the Kansas River, near excellent fords that made it popular with the Native Americans who lived there before European settlement. The first permanent European settlers in the area included three French-Canadian brothers who married into the Native American community. (Their descendents included Charles Curtis, who served as Vice-President during Herbert Hoover’s term of office.) Pioneers who were moving cross-country on the Oregon Trail used the Kansas River fords frequently, and a thriving trading post sprang up along the trail. To make the settlers’ westward traffic easier, local residents built ferries and bridges. A transcontinental railroad soon followed.

Kansas became a State in 1861, and Topeka was chosen as the capital city. This spurred the city’s growth, and it gained a university. The building boom grew until it became a speculative bubble, which collapsed 1889 and ruined many investors. Fortunately, the city weathered the financial catastrophe and prospered through the Depression of the 1890s. It has retained its vibrant economy since then, with only a brief hiatus in its growth during the Great Depression.

We’ve already mentioned the Topeka “First Friday” Art Walk, but there are also many other events sure to capture the imaginations of arts lovers. The Kansas ExpoCenter offers concerts by famous performers such as Aerosmith, Chicago, the Backstreet Boys and Kenny Rogers. For theater lovers, there’s always something afoot at the Topeka Performing Arts Center or the Topeka Civic Theater and Academy.

If you are touring Topeka, be sure to take in the lovely scenery in and around the city. Lake Shawnee is located right at the city limits; it is a 400-acre lake with opportunities for camping, sailing, fishing and swimming. The locals favor Lake Perry for hunting, fishing and water sports. Lake Perry covers 11,000 acres and has beautiful tree-lined banks. Sports enthusiasts may also enjoy taking in a professional hockey game played by the Topeka Roadrunners or a professional football game played by the Kansas Koyotes.


Interesting Facts:

  • Alfred E. Newman, the cartoon personality that embodies Mad Magazine, was created in Topeka. The character originated from the office sign of a local dentist. The sign proclaimed that the dentist’s services “didn’t hurt a bit.”
  • More than 350 varieties of roses are on view at the Reinisch Rose Garden, which is located in Topeka’s Gage Park.
  • Gypsy Rose Lee, the burlesque dancer whose childhood inspired the musical “Gypsy,” gave her first performance in Topeka after her baby sister eloped and left the show without a star.