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All American Movers
Rockford IL moving quotes, There are no jobs that are too small or too large for All American Movers. We have the staff members as well as the extens...

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Always Moving Inc.
The mission of Always Moving Inc. is to continuously strive to exceed our customers’ expectation in value and high standard of satisfaction. Our...

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Desert Moving Company & Storage
Movers Rockford Illinois, From Door-To-Door or Country-To-Country, let us help you decide how much ...

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Jackson Movers LLC
Jackson Movers is a locally owned and operated moving and storage company in Dallas, TX. We move and relocate residential and commercial property. we...

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Alaska Terminals, Inc.
Moving companies Rockford IL, Alaska Terminals, Inc. is based in beautiful Anchorage, Alaska with branch offices in Fairbanks, Alaska as well as in S...

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Direct Relocation Services
No matter how unique the situation might be, we will provide our professional support. We’re a moving company that understands. We’re experts in...

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Premier Chicago Movers LLC
Rockford IL moving companies, From packing some art or electronics, to packing everything in your home, Premier Chicago Movers knows how. Let us pac...

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Colonial Van Lines Inc.
Rockford Illinois movers, When you hire a long-distance moving company, you want to rest assured that the team you’ve chosen has the skills and convic...

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Dependable Movers LLC
We offer a variety of moving services. We aim to provide you with affordable service options to enhance your move experience. These packages provide...

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Von Sydow's Moving & Storage, Inc.
Moving company Rockford, At Von Sydow's Moving & Storage Company, we think beyond the boxes. We understand that moving is about more than a simple addre...

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Glass City Movers
Rockford Illinois long distance moving, At Glass City Movers we understand it’s stressful to move, which is why we are here to insure your move is don...

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City Moving
GP Movers offer the best moving services around. You can have a team of professional and highly skilled movers backing your move when you choose GP...

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John Ferguson Moving & Storage LLC
Here at John Ferguson Moving & Storage, we are proud to be a locally owned moving and storage company. We take great pride in accommodating your...

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Swift Movers Van Lines, Inc.
Rockford moving companies, Connect with our sales representatives today to design your customized plan and receive a free estimate! Our network...

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24 7 Logistic Services
Rockford IL moving quotes, 24/7 Logistic Services LLC offers a wide range of moving services for every life situation and your individual needs. We ...

Rockford, Illinois

Rockford, Illinois is a northern city in Winnebago County. Eyes have been on this small city recovering from the large blast it took from downfall of the national economy for a while now. Rockford, Illinois was confronted with effects worse than those felt by the national economy with unemployment rates in the double digits in the small city. They were hit harder and are recovering slower, according to BusinessRockford.com. The Rockland metropolitan area is one of the five in the state with more people leaving than going. However, they just celebrated its 25th year of a population increase in 2009. This phenomenon is due mostly because of the high rate of births compared to deaths, and due to the “economic woes,” there is no one moving out of the area. People that have previously lived in Rockford, but no longer do, seemed to have turned their heads on the once-great manufacturing town as evident by the comments left underneath articles about Rockford’s current conditions. People speak of the city’s current drug activity, crooks, and jobless that have replaced the city’s safe streets, stable jobs and good neighborhoods. But, there are plenty of people and organizations that are hoping and working to bring back the city’s old charm and beauty. There are big companies are the verge of making investments in Rockford branches of business as well as other organizations open up store on developing Rockford streets bringing in new jobs to compensate for the old ones lost. As those who have stayed in Rockford to see the city and its people out of darker times, there are plenty of opportunities to help by vacationing here or moving to Rockford to create your own strides.

Despite the tough scenarios that Rockford, Illinois residents are working with currently, Rockford still remains a great city to live in because of the affordable housing located in many historic neighborhoods. The proximity to other major cities Chicago and Milwaukee makes Rockford a convenient place to live. Many highways, rail services and one of the fastest airports in the country make it an easy commute to work or wherever you need to go. The rate of people moving to Rockford, Illinois has been steady for the past couple of months. According to the Southern Business Journal, this is the ninth consecutive month for home sales increases. There are plenty of Rockford moving companies doing very well with intrastate and interstate moves.

Other industries are doing well in Rockford are the global trade/innovation companies, distribution/logistics groups and the education workforce. The Rockford still has two times the nation’s average of manufacturing companies, plus recent expansions in the last couple years to rejuvenate these leading providers. Woodward, Danfoss, Acument Global Technologies, for example, are large leading companies in the world of industry who invested in area expansions that will bring more jobs and resources to the Rockford area.

Rockford, Illinois was first settled in 1834 by Germanicus Kent, Thatcher Blake and Lewis Lemon who came from the next town over in Illinois called Galena. They established themselves on the west side of Rock River as Daniel Shaw Haight took over the east side of the river. Between Galena and Chicago was the village of Midway before it was known as Rockford. After these settlements, people quickly came and brought along with them pillars of successful development such as a post office, library and rail system. By the 1880s, Rockford was a full-on industry town with furniture companies taking off and agricultural machinery being built and sent off.

While in the great city of Rockford, Illinois make sure you check out the Historic River Tours on the Forest City Queen. You board a grand boat at Riverview Park and you drift off along the coast when eating a delicious boxed dinner while enjoying the narrated tour on the boat ride. Other than taking the Illinois great river ride, there are the Blackhawk Farms Raceway for racing fans, the Carlson Ice Arena for indoor ice skating, and the Rockford Thunder Arena where you can the renowned team. For a free experience, visit the Rockford Park District which is one of the best in the country. There are parks, facilities, programs and events for patrons year round.


Interesting Facts:

  • During the warm weather, thousands of athletes are said to flock to Rockford because of the area’s exquisite facilities for soccer, volleyball and softball.
  • From Chicago, it’s fairly easy to get to Rockford, Illinois. There are about 17 daily shuttle buses between Rockford and Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, seven to Midway Airport and four daily shuttles to-and-from Chicago’s Union Station and Downtown Chicago.
  • Today Rockland is known to some as the “Screw Capital of the World” because billions of screws, bolts and fasteners come from this city for manufacturers all over the world.

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