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City Moving
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AllTrust Moving & Storage Inc.
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Moving Nation LLC
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U-Pack Moving
ABF U-Pack Moving was launched nationwide on October 1, 1997 by ABF Freight System, Inc. U-Pack has become an extremely popular choice for...

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National Van Lines Inc.
Moving companies Stockton CA, Founded in 1929, National Van Lines is an ESOP-owned enterprise that began in the Chicago area as a horse and wagon movin...

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Golan's Moving & Storage Inc.
When we started Golan’s Moving and Storage in 1990, we had one truck, four movers, and a good friend running the office. We focused on making moving...

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Allied & North American Van Lines
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Best American Movers
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Direct Relocation Services
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Big Ben's Moving & Storage Inc.
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Kangaroo Van Lines Inc.
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Prime Storage Systems Inc.
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The Fire Men Moving Co.
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Koa Moving And Storage LLC
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Stockton, California

One of California’s fastest growing communities, the city of Stockton is located 60 miles east of the San Francisco’s Bay Area, and only 45 miles south of Sacramento. Thanks to the city’s vibrant, multi-cultural population, and increased economic growth, it is no wonder so many people are moving to Stockton, California. The city’s residents take advantage of the various suburban communities situated along attractive waterways, as well as inexpensive single-family homes costing nearly one-third the price of homes in the Bay Area. People relocating to Stockton will also enjoy the city’s proximity to celebrated vacation destinations such as Lake Tahoe and Yosemite National Park.

Stockton, California offers residents the unique opportunity to experience a prosperous, diverse community, with low home prices and a dynamic labor pool. Currently the 13th largest city in the state, Stockton comes from a historically agriculturally driven economy. Recently, the city has worked to diversify all sectors of industry and business. The city of Stockton is home to 15,000 businesses, with some of the largest including Applied Aerospace Company, Sigma Circuits, Farmington Fresh and Pac-West Telecommunications. A median family income estimated at nearly $60,000, the city anticipates stable job growth and an affordable wage structure, presenting a distinctive hiring opportunity for local employers. The city’s prime location on a navigable channel allows Stockton to continue serving as a key shipping port for many of Northern California’s agricultural and manufactured products.

A German immigrant, who acquired nearly 50,000 acres of land through a Spanish land, founded Stockton, California in 1849. The next year, the city was officially incorporated. Stockton’s fertile soil coupled with its temperate climate has made the area one of the leading agricultural and dairy regions in California. During the more than 150 years of history, Stockton has grown nearly every major nut, fruit and field crop. Today, leading crops include cherries, tomatoes, asparagus, almonds and walnuts, and several other smaller production orchard and feed crops. Grape production account for nearly half of the city’s fruit and nut harvest, and contribute 18 percent to the county's agricultural dollar. Some of the state’s finest wines are produced at the vineyards just north of Stockton, contributing to area’s allure and aiding the local economy.

If you are looking for a city that combines culture and history with exclusive shopping and culinary excellence, Stockton is the place for you. Conveniently located near several well-known attractions, natural beauty and outdoor activities, the city offers enough in outdoor recreation to keep any visitor or resident engaged. Spend the night in one of Stockton’s charismatic hotels located throughout the city, or relax under sunny skies and map out an outdoor adventure. Head over to one of the city’s sports facilities and help cheer for one of the city’s sport teams. Next, pick do a little shopping along the city’s “Miracle Mile.” Ready for a road trip? Thanks to the city’s central located, Stockton is the perfect starting point for a road trip adventure. Enjoy a day in gorgeous San Francisco or head for the hills and experience the wonder of Lake Tahoe, Reno and Yosemite National Parks.


Interesting Facts:

  • The University of the Pacific California’s oldest university is located in Stockton.
  • Stockton was the first community in California to have a name not of Spanish or Native American origin.
  • The historic Bob Hope Theatre in downtown Stockton is one of only two “movie palaces” in the Central Valley.