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Direct Relocation Services
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L D Moving and Storage Inc.
L D Moving & Storage is a California-based moving provider. When it comes to finding the right moving company our trained moving and relocation...

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Map Express Logistics
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Pro Movers Inc.
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Blvd Moving Inc.
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Daly Movers, Inc.
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TLS Van Lines Inc.
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Go Pro Movers, Inc.
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Big Ben's Moving & Storage Inc.
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National Van Lines Inc.
Moving company Whittier, Founded in 1929, National Van Lines is an ESOP-owned enterprise that began in the Chicago area as a horse and wagon moving ser...

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Beltmann Relocation Group
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Merit Moving Systems
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Jet Moving and Storage
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24 7 Logistic Services
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A1A Movers LLC
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Whittier, California

Whittier, California is a city in the Los Angeles County with a population of 83,680 people. The city’s population has been growing since it was established as Whittier. It has been projected to reach 90,000 soon with increasing rates of people moving to Whittier to start a family and start somewhere new. New economic development strategies always help the city maintain growth and development. An ongoing pursuit of economic success comes with the Whittier City Council’s Local Economic Stimulus and Business Assistance Plan, introduced in 2009. The goal for this specific plan was to strive for quality businesses, high-paying jobs, and, in turn, an increased tax base that the city will use to rejuvenate some parts, while expanding other areas. Since the city is so indebted to its people, it’s so wonder businesses are thriving and people moving in are bringing tremendous business to the Whittier moving companies.

Due to the recent onslaught of the recession to our nation, the Whittier City Council has come up with many solutions to battle the ever-looming consequences of not taking care of a city’s economy. Recently there has been an ordinance in place to help relieve property owners on Whittier Boulevard by lifting some of the uses of the property in the zoning area. Other projects that the city of Whittier is working on are the Uptown Whittier Parking Management Plan that will create a solution to the parking problem the area faces and the Affordable Home Ownership Program that will set aside affordable housing for qualified home owners. The region’s progress can also be marked by the new Fresh & Easy, Trader Joes, and Police Headquarters Building.

Whittier’s history starts with a retired caption named Manual Nieto who gained a strip of land from the King of Spain for his military services. The land he received stretched from the northern hills of Whittier to the sea and from Santa Ana River to the San Gabriel River. This was 1784; about four decades later, in 1822, Mexico has achieved political independence from Spain, so were looking for a new government. In 1834, Mexico began to issue out land grants to different racheros. One of the racheros was Pio Pico who was the last Mexico-appointed Governor of California.

Whittier boasts some of the greatest historic homes around the state of California. Many visitors love to see these historic houses in the Uptown Whittier sector of the city. Whittier residents are well known for their care of preserving and observing their history. Also, there are a stunning amount of upscale neighborhood that celebrities have resided in—such as, Paris Hilton’s mother Kathy, Andrea Barber from Full House, Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas and many models. With a slough of state parks, outdoor activity possibilities, and a ton to explore, there are plenty of things to last an entire vacation—or lifetime, if you choose to relocate here. Around this part of town, something that people appreciate very much is the fact that there are restaurants big and small, local or chain. A visit to Whittier will make you appreciate the simple beauty of California.


Interesting Facts:

  • Many well-known movies have been filmed in Whitter including,“Back to the Future,” “Back to the Future II,” “The Next Best Thing” with Madonna and Rupert Everett, “Matilda,” “Terminator 3,” “Blow” starring Johnny Depp, “Big Fat Liar,” “Disturbia” and many more.
  • Celebrities who have grown up or lived in Whittier, California include supermodel Caprice Bourret, Hilton Hotel heiress and socialite Kathy Hilton, Richard Nixon’s parents Francis A. and Hannah Nixon, and Boxer Oscar de la Hoya.
  • The town of Whittier was named after Quaker John Greenleaf Whittier, a famous poet/writer that wrote a poem in honor of the new city.

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