International Moving Guide: Putting Together Your Visas and Customs Documents

Visas and Documents

In addition to your passport, you may need a specific travel or work visa to live and work in your destination country, whether you're moving to Germany or moving to Mexico. Every country has different rules when it comes to visas so some initial research will be necessary. In the United States, immigrants must have a proper visa, known as a green card. Multiple kinds of student visas are available, as well as business visas for particular fields in which it is difficult to find US citizens with the proper skill sets. The rules governing US Visas has changed significantly in the past few years and it is worth contacting your local consulate office if you have questions.

When researching international moving companies for your move, also look at visa requirements, starting with the local consulate of the country you are moving to. You can also plan a trip to the country’s embassy in order to find out what is needed. The consulate may require that you provide a letter of recommendation from your employer, university or school administrator in order to obtain a visa. Additionally, certain countries require that you provide proof of your financial stability in order to be allowed to enter into a country. This proof is normally provided by showing balances in bank accounts or getting recommendations for a financial representative as to the state of your financial situation.

You may also need the following documents to process your Visa:
  • Marriage certificates
  • Divorce certificates
  • Medical certificates
  • Birth certificates
Some consulates will require that you perform an interview prior to granting your Visa. This interview could cover the reasons for your trip, your work, school or family situation in your home country and the duration of your visit to the new country.