International Moving Guide: Learn the Language in Your New Home


Parlez-vous Francais? Habla Espanol? Sprechen sie Deutsches?

There are approximately 6,800 spoken languages in two hundred countries across the globe. There is a good chance that English is not the primary language in your destination country. You may need to brush up on your skills of the new language. Even if you think you have a good understanding of the language, you may not be familiar with the business language. Learning the business language and fine-tuning your pronunciation will make you more comfortable in a work environment.

Before moving internationally, ou can increase your language skill level with the help of courses, audio tutorials, computer software and books. Bookstores are a great place to find not just language books, but also language software and audio CD’s. Your local college should be able to provide an extension course in your desired language. Extension classes are often easy to fit around a working schedule. It may also be easier and more fun to learn with the entire family. For instance, at dinner your entire family could practice by speaking in only the new language. Passez le pain, s’il vous plait.

Moving to a new country is going to bring plenty of surprises in the form of new laws, geography, and way of life. Your transition will be much smoother and more enjoyable with a solid understanding of the new language.