Moving with Family Guide: Take a Trip to Your New Town

Your First Trip to Your New Town

Before moving, it may be very beneficial to take a family trip to your new town. This will not only help your family get a feel of the new town but it should also make the transition easier. You should start by orienting yourself with your neighborhood and where your home is in relation to other important places, such as your place of worship, schools or main shopping areas.

If religion is important to your family, you may want to introduce your family to the appropriate person in your denomination, such as the new minister, priest or rabbi. Next, try visiting places geared toward children, such as sports clubs like the YMCA or the Boys and Girls Club. Seek out local facilities such as swimming pools, ice skating rinks, basketball courts and tracks. Seeing these familiar places will make the move easier for children.

If you have teenagers you might also want to visit the local mall or other major shopping areas. Teenagers traditionally spend a lot of time hanging out with friends in shopping areas where they may meet up for movies, food or just hanging around with friends. The mall can serve as a place for them to explore their independence in a safe environment.

If a teenager sees that the local mall is similar to the old mall, then he or she might be more accepting of the move. In general, seeing and knowing what to expect will reduce the level of anxiety in the entire family. The sooner you establish routines for your children, the sooner they will settle in. Keep a close eye on your children. It could take up to a year before they feel really settled in. If it takes longer, don’t be afraid to seek professional help.