Moving with Family Guide: Delivering the News to the Kids

Breaking the News

Breaking the news of a family relocation can be a very difficult task. However, to help reduce the anxiety for you and your family, it is best to communicate the news early and give your family time to prepare for the upcoming changes to their lives. A family meeting is an ideal time to break the news. This can be over a family meal at home or even at a local restaurant. Be aware that everyone will not be pleased, especially if you have older children. Older children will likely be concerned about leaving their school and friends and having to adjust to a new school and making new friends.

You should break the news to them gently and kindly and provide them with the reasons why you are moving. Older children will want to know more, so be prepared to share with them the reasons (such as a job transfer or new work opportunity) why it is important for the family to move. You may be moving to take advantage of better educational opportunities, a lower cost of housing or even a lifestyle or activities that better fit your family. You should be honest and open with your children on your thought process around relocating the family to the new location.

If you have younger children then tailor your explanation to the age. Younger children may simply need reassurance that they will be moving with you and that the move will be beneficial to them. Explain to them that you will be moving closer to the office or closer to relatives. Children may be happy to hear this. Provide your family with as much information as possible and focus on the advantages of the move.

Making your family feel like they are involved in the decision will help ease the transition. Make it a team effort by keeping them informed from the beginning. You can divide up different tasks related to the move such as helping to research your new city, getting rid of unwanted items and even helping to choose a professional moving company.

In the end, your openness and honesty, combined with good communication will be the keys for a successful move.