Moving with Family Guide: Pick the Best Time to Move with Children in School

Best Time to Move with Children in School

Although it is always best for moving during the summer period to start the children in school during the beginning of a new school year, this is not always possible. Given the other alternatives, experts are divided on the best time to move when you have children that are in school. Some experts think that it is best to move during the holidays, while others believe it is best to move during the school year.

If you have the flexibility to choose when you move your family, then you should consider a couple of points when making your decision.

Moving during holidays:
  • The children are out of school anyway. Their studies will not be interrupted.

  • Your children will start the new term with other new kids and therefore may not be considered the new kids on the block.

  • Other activities such as sports or extra-curricular activities may begin after major holidays

Moving during school:
  • Your children will make friends more quickly because they immediately jump into the classroom environment.

  • A quickly established routine may help your children adapt easier.

Given the inherent challenges that both of these options create for your school age children, you will want to carefully way all the factors before making your final decision. Most moving companies will provide meaningful discounts when you are not moving during the busy summer moving season, which is yet another factor that you will want to take into account when you choose your date to move.