Moving with Family Guide: Age Plays a Factor in Your Moving

Age Makes a Difference

When traveling with children, age makes a difference. An older child has more invested in his current environment than a younger child. Communication will be the most important tool when dealing with a move. Engage your child. Find out what his or her fears are concerning the move. Chances are you will be able to find a solution to most of the problems when confronted early on.

Very young children will have difficulty communicating their anxieties. The family and household belongings are the entire world of a young child. A move can be a very confusing time for children and it will be important to constantly remind them that you are moving together. Young children can be insecure and may feel that they are being left behind. Reassurance is extremely important.

With very young children, the focus will be on loss of routine and familiar items, but with school-age children the focus will be on loss of friends. They will find it tougher to start over from a new location. Making sure the new school has an orientation program will help the moving process. Also, finding a neighborhood with similar aged children and locating a house of worship may make the transition easier.

Here are some more tips that will help young children grow accustomed to the move and help school age children cope with the change:
  • Bring them to the new home in advance of the move. If possible, allow them to pick out their room.

  • Allow the child to pick out the colors for the new room and be involved in any appropriate household decisions.

  • Allow them to pack a box or bag, even if it will need to be repacked for safety reasons.

  • Assign them specific duties for the move, such as minding a pet.

  • Constantly reassure them. A positive attitude will be contagious for the whole family.