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What You Should Know About Finding Top Chicago Moving Companies

Moving To Chicago: If you are moving to Chicago from outside of Illinois, you need to make sure your moving company is properly licensed. Moving from one state to another is considered a long distance move, and long distance movers need a license issued by the FMSCA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration).

Moving Within Illinois: A move within Illinois, such as moving from Skokie to Chicago, is considered a local move since you aren’t be crossing state borders. Illinois does require a local moving company to have a license issued by the ICC (Illinois Commerce Commission).

I’m Moving to Chicago – What Do I Need to Know?

Did you know that Chicago, IL is the 3rd largest city in the US? The Windy City is a Midwest major metropolitan area that has all the things you’d expect a big city to have. Business, education, entertainment, sports, and cuisine are all part of the allure of Chicago. Chicagoans also practice that midwestern niceness that we all know and love.

When it comes to transportation driving, walking, and biking are all options. Chicago is a very easy city to walk and biking is also a popular option. There are bike-share programs in the city that allow you to rent a bike at a relatively low rate so you can enjoy the outdoors while also getting to your destination efficiently.

Like all cities located in the northern region of the US, Chicago is brutally cold winters. Subzero temperatures and heavy snow are not uncommon, but if you can withstand the cold, you’ll be rewarded with beautiful and vibrant summers.

If you’re looking to move to a diverse and friendly city that comes equipped with big and little city charm, Chicago may be the right fit for you.

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