Choosing the right city to move to can be difficult. Each city has so many different aspects to consider – price, housing, and schools are only a small part of the equation

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Florida is one of the most popular states in America and this is most emphasized by the fact that it is the third most populous state in the country. The sunshine state might be accused of being too hot, but it is beautiful. Yes, Florida has shortcomings like every state, but overall, Florida is a… Read More


When you speak or hear of California, the first thing that comes to mind is fun. From the beaches to the amazing summer sun, the state has a vibrancy to it that many crave. Couple this lively atmosphere with the fact that the state seems to have some attraction for everyone, and it is one… Read More

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Top 5 States to Move to For Rural Living

Most people like the bustle of a city or urban area as it represents opportunity. With urban living comes more opportunity for growth and development, more access to the skilled, better paying jobs you have been trained for, and proximity to the fun-filled living that most millennials are associated with. However, there are some people… Read More

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