Moving Boxes: A Crucial Part of Your Move

In order to help make your move more successful, you must have the right tools and resources. One of the most important tools for your move is the moving boxes and packing supplies that you buy.

By choosing the right moving boxes, you can help make the packing and transportation of your household items much safer and significantly increase the likelihood that you valuable possessions will arrive at your new home in great condition. In order to make the right decision about the moving boxes that you need, you need to understand some of the basics around moving boxes.

What Makes a Box a Moving Box?
Unlike the simple corrugated boxes that you commonly see at a local store, moving boxes are especially constructed using single or double wall corrugated cardboard. Each moving box is assigned an ECT (or Edge Crush Test) rating, which is an indication of the strength of the box. Normally, you will pay slightly more for a higher ECT box due to the high density of materials used in their construction. We recommend that you never use moving boxes less than 32 ECT, which is the minimum box strength that a professional moving company will use when moving household items.

Another important thing about moving boxes is that they are made in specific sizes that are well suited for loading and fitting the boxes onto moving trucks. Because the moving industry uses standard box sizes, the moving company can quickly determine how to best organize the moving truck for both maximum efficiency as well as maximum protection for your items. If you are using non-standard box sizes, there is a much greater risk that there could be dead weight on the truck and that the boxes shift during the trip.

You should choose your moving box sizes based on the type of things you will need to pack for your move. Normally, you would use smaller moving boxes to pack heavy items like books while you would use bigger moving boxes for lighter items such as clothes.

Shopping for Moving Boxes
Today, the Internet provides an easy and intuitive way for you to purchase the moving boxes and packing supplies that you need for you move. It is actually a much more cost effective way to purchase these items than purchasing them from local box stores, where the store mark-ups are much higher than through online retail stores.

When you start your moving box shopping, you should prepare a full inventory of what you are going to need to pack to help give you a good idea of the type and quantity of items that you will be moving. You can also purchase ready made moving kits that provide the right quantity of boxes and moving supplies for your move based on the number of rooms that you will be moving. .

When you shop for moving boxes, the boxes will be listed with their 3 inside dimensions in the following order – length, width and then height or depth. A standard medium moving box will be listed with the dimensions of 18 x 14 x 12, which indicates the boxes’ length, width and height if you are looking from the top down into the box.

While it is easy to try to save money by under-investing in quality moving boxes; the small difference in price for higher quality supplies is a very worthwhile investment to protect your items. All professional moving companies will also provide you with the option of having them provide full packing services for you in which they would provide all the moving boxes and packing supplies for you as part of the moving service.