Automobile Transport Guide: Primers on What You Should Know

General Car Shipping Information

When Jed and his fellow Hillbillies struck oil, moving was easy: Put the entire family and all their belongings into an old jalopy and drive on out to Beverly Hills. These days moving is a little more difficult. Families have bigger homes (no more shacks) and more belongings (but no stills), all which requires the help of a moving company. They also often have more than 1 car (or jalopy, as the case may be). In fact, in many families, the number of cars outweighs the number of drivers. Getting multiple cars to a new location can be one of the largest challenges of moving.

Auto shipping companies can make the complicated process very simple by relocating your vehicle for a fee. Auto shipping companies transport many vehicles at once, safely and quickly. This guide will prepare you with some basic pieces of information that you will need in order to choose an auto transportation company. The guide will also cover many additional questions that you may have about relocating a vehicle, whether it’s your brand new Escalade or your favorite old jalopy.