Moving Your Plants Guide: Please Your Plants During Moving

Moving Your Plants

If you own plants you know they often require a lot of love and care. You may have raised a plant from a seedling or you may have received a plant as a gift from a friend or loved one. Plants can make us all feel alive and well and they often have great sentimental value. When you move, you may very likely have certain plants that you want to take you and make a part of your new home To protect your plants during your move, it is important to put some planning into the moving of your plants to ensure that they can have a healthy, long life in your new home.

There are ways to move plants safely, whether it's a small potted plant or a larger garden plant. Improper transportation could lead to breaking or dying. Plants are not usually covered by insurance, so it is critical to pack them very carefully.

You should start by showing your professional moving company all of the plants that you want to move. Each individual plant can take up a lot of room in a trailer because they cannot be stacked on top of each other. The mover needs to know about these plants up front so that they may properly plan your shipment. If you are planning on shipping your goods via airfreight it is important to contact the airline first. Airlines have strict rules and regulations regarding transportation of plants and certain plants cannot be carried by airfreight.

You’ve put a lot of time and energy into caring for your plants so you should put the same effort into transporting them. Taking the time to do the research and spending the time with your movers will result in your plants arriving safely and bringing you and your family joy in their new home.