Moving is hard, but it can be a bit easier if you put a little planning in to it. Here are some easy ways to lessen the stress of moving.

Get Rid of Stuff
  1. The weight of your stuff has a direct impact on how much you'll spend on your move, so cut the number of things to move to save big money. Pick the Best Mover

  2. This is crucial: Any moving company that wants your business needs to see exactly what you need moved.

    First, it's the only way to get a quality estimate for your move – giving this information over the phone, or via an Internet survey is a sure way to get an inaccurate quote that could cost you on moving day.

    Second, it's a good way to screen out bad moving companies. Bad moving companies are less likely to want to come to your home to give you moving quotes.

  3. If you are getting several moving quotes, have the same person in your household work with the moving company representative; you want estimates to be equal. Also, how the survey is conducted should be a factor in picking a mover -- someone who did not seem to be giving his full attention and then prepares an estimate with charges considerably lower than others you get has probably missed something, which will be a problem come moving day. Moving Day

  4. Have the same person who was there for the in-home visual estimate also be the one who does the walk-through with the moving company on moving day. Be sure the things to move match what you have on your estimate. You can also point out things that need special care; this is also a good way to weigh in on assessments of your goods' condition, which is important if you need to make any damage claims after the move.

  5. Have any small kids or pets stay at a relatives' house on moving day. If that's not possible, have them stay in a separate room out of the way of the movers. Having them around can be dangerous for them and the movers, particularly when moving heavy items.

  6. Have refreshments and snacks for the moving crew at both origin and destination: The crew will be most productive if they don't have to leave the work site, and they will appreciate the gesture.

  7. Set up schematics in each room for where items should be placed – this make things more efficient and less stressful for your movers. And use the mover's inventory to check off things as they arrive; will make it much easier to ensure you got everything.